Welcome to Alpha & Omega Dental  

It is our pleasure and privilege to welcome you to our office. Our
office has been serving the community for over 30 years. We
pledge to provide the high level dental care using the most up to
date technology materials and procedures available with
affordable fees. Success of our practice evolves around quality,
efficiency, expertise, enthusiasm and friendly attitude. Our
number one priority is to excel at both clinical and interpersonal
aspect of our patient care. Combining comfort the modern
materials, techniques and equipment, Alpha & Omega Dental
provide quality dental restorations that are beautiful and durable.
We wish to facilitate a comfortable and long-term respectful
relationship between our health providers and our patients.
We work with most Dental PPO Insurances

“Ever since Dr. Chung fixed my son’s teeth, he started smile again. I really
thought my son had a depression. Turns out all he needed was a confidence in
his smile. Thank you Dr. Chung!”  R. Torre, Sr.

“Dr. Chung really took time to explain what is needed for my Oral Health. I was
impressed by their up- to-Date technology and made me so comfortable with
TV in the treatment room I was able to relax and watch TV while the treament
is done and digital x ryas and full screen showed my teeth I was able to see. I
am very scare of dentist however after through examination and explanation I
was able to relax and understand why I need the treatment  …and the fees
were very affordable” J.C.

“I just love my wife’s smile. She was always beautiful in my eyes. Now with her
new smile, I think she just looks even more amazing! “  M. L.

“I don’t know how to thank Dr. Chung. My whole family loves to come to see Dr.
Chung for all our dental work. Dr. Chung has changed our lives.” S. Vomvolokas

“I love the TV in the room.” C. A. (5yrs old)
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