This involves taking action to prevent a condition from developing or worsening.
Having your teeth professionally cleaned and examed on a regular basis is one of
important way to practicing preventive dentistry.
All aspect of dental care prescribed in this office are based in prevention  

Dental Implants
A dental implant is a small titanium point that is surgically placed in the jawbone.
Following a period of healing, it will act much like the root of a tooth over which
crown will be placed. Implant can support a single crown, long span bridges and are
often used when rehabilitating an entire dentition. They are considered long-term
restorations and provide excellent results that are comfortable, natural looking and
high functioning.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Are you considering a makeover? Why not start with your smile! The latest advances
in cosmetic dentistry are available to you at our practice. Our skillful professionals
using State-Of-the-art technology and materials deliver superb results that are sure
to please. Dr. Joshua Chung was awarded as top cosmetic dentist in 2007 by
Consumer’s affair. Arrange for a private consultation to discuss your beautiful smile.  

Clear Braces: ClearCorrect, Invisalign®
The Invisalign® system is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and
achieve the dazzling smile you've always dreamed of. Using advanced 3-D
computer-imaging technology. We are certified and a provider of Invisalign® and

Dentistry for Children and Orthodontics
Children are special! Careful examination, cleaning and age appropriate instructions
will guide your children toward developing healthy life long habits.

There are two phase Orthodontics available for children It is critical to correct jaw
problems as soon as they are diagnosed. Correct alignment of the jaw, a straight
profile, and a broad arch, will greatly enhance a child’s appearance and speech. Let
us meet your child’s Orthodontic needs as early as possible.

Teeth Whitening
Your teeth become stained naturally as a result of the food and drinks that you
consume. Dental whitening uses an ingredient to effectively lift the stain from deep
within enamel. The result is a whiter, more attractive smile. We offer several
methods of this popular treatment. Our in-office system using a state-of-the-art
including ZOOM bleaching and opalescence BOOST system yields result in about
two hours. Our convenient take-home system can be used during the day or night
and yields maximum results in about 10 days.

Oral Cancer Screening
According to American dental Association (ADA), Oral cancer strikes an estimated
34,360 Americans each year.  Overall, survival rate is 52% but discovered early it
increases to 80 to 90%.  VELscope is a oral cancer screening system. Our office is
one of the few dental offices in United State with this system. With traditional
oral examination and VELscope help us to detect any abnormalities.
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